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You meet at school or in an atrocious small-town disco, she has to take off her high heels to kiss you because you're too short, you skive classes together and get the train down to Belfast to feed the ducks and hold hands on damp park benches.

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For a few months she's top of the list when it comes to incoherent early morning phone-calls, then you meet someone else and file her into the footnotes. However, some celebrities - despite the vast array of opportunities they have to meet attractive partners - managed to stay with their childhood sweethearts long enough to get married.

The couple have four children and remain happily married.

Also, Jon Bon Jovi's real name is John Francis Bongiovi, which is amazing. It almost seems unfair to include gold medal-winning athlete Jessica Ennis in this list, since she's remained admirably level-headed and normal despite being plastered over Britian's billboards during the Olympics.

"Knowing someone's memories is when you really know them inside out - when you've grown up with them and made that journey through adulthood together," she said. The pair split in 2004, citing irreconcilable differences, but got back together in 2008.

Smarmy TV chef and do-gooder Jamie Oliver has a few flaws - his enormous, terrifying face, his Mockney accent, his ubiquity - but he's got one of the most stable relationships in showbiz with wife Jools, who he met as a teenager.