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The Monotype fonts were dropped some time before 2004.

Actually, this reference comprises pretty much all of unicode, excluding the bulk of the cjk characters.

Unicode version 3.2, which is in its final cleanup at this very moment, will contain even more than what's in the referenced document, but the charts are still only available for "private" review." [ Michael Sharpe (UCSD) created newpx, a free font package at CTAN: This package, based on pxfonts, provides many fixes and enhancements to that package, splitting it in two parts---newpxtext and newpxmath---which may be run independently of one another.

It provides scaling, improved metrics, and other options. Intermicro published Kudrashov C (1992-1995) based on his work. The latter family was digitized and finished by Vladimir Yefimov at Paratype and called Petersburg (1992).

This package is meant to be a replacement for Young Ryu's pxfonts---a complete text and math package with roman text font provided by a Palatino clone, sans serif based on a Helvetica clone, typewriter typefaces, plus math symbol fonts whose math italic letters are from a Palatino Italic clone.

[ Ten fonts, including various uncial and math symbol fonts: American Uncial (URW), Final Romanfat (RWE), Greek Symbols, Iconic Symbols Ext (Monotype), Marshall, Math Ext (Monotype), Phalesiodecor (initial caps), Swordsman (SWFTE), Typographic Ext (Monotype).