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Schwerpunkt seiner literarischen Tätigkeit war die Auseinandersetzung mit der deutschen Literatur.2002 verschlug es ihn nach Deutschland, wo er an der Kieler Universität Neuere Deutsche Literatur- und Medienwissenschaften und Philosophie studierte.

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Jakobi pharmacy in Lübeck, with its associated drug chamber and laboratory.

More than 500 pathological and forensic specimens offer a perspective on the history of medical training at Kiel University.

Visitors are invited to visit the doctor’s office dating from the mid-20th century, which is fully fitted with a treatment room, x-ray and laboratory.

The collection provides exciting insights into pharmaceutical history over the past few centuries and offers visitors the chance to experience medical research and treatment methods of the past at first hand.

Among the exhibits are a large number of historic instruments and pieces of equipment, many of which originate from Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein.