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Dating 40 Ishøj

Vestvolden [6] is a series of fortification cutting a though the western suburbs for 14,5 kilometres from the sea to the Utterlev mose area on Nørrebro.

At the time of construction in the 1890s it was one of the largest fortification works in the world, and today it is one of the best preserved, protected through its entire length.

Filmbyen (The Movie city)[7] , also known as Avedørelejren, is an old army garrison erected in 1913.

When the army moved out of the area in the 1990s, it was taken over by the municipality, and the famous Zentropa studios (home of Lars von Trier and much of the Dogme movement) as well as several smaller studios and production companies moved into the historic buildings.

Vest-Taxa (+45 43 45 45 45) is usually the fastest in the western suburbs and Taxa Selandia (+45 70 10 66 66) in the far southwestern suburbs.