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I never seriously considered suicide, but if I’d had a huge cosmic eraser, I would have used it on myself.Following family protocol, I didn’t call it depression.My husband was undergoing cancer treatment - -and it wasn’t working.

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But depression is a sneaky disease and it did its insidious work without anyone putting a name to it.

As I was growing up, no one said that my father was depressed — instead, he was ‘moody.’ My grandmother, who couldn’t pull herself together long enough to make dinner, was described as ‘eccentric.' But clinically depressed? By the time I reached adulthood, I was forcing my way through most days in a blur of emotional pain.

Negative thoughts constantly pounded me: I was worthless — lazy and stupid — with no redeeming qualities.

I didn’t expect anyone to like me -- I didn’t even like myself.

Instead I said that I had an ‘artistic temperament’ — a phrase that put a creative spin on an extremely painful state of mind.