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In the Spirit of Larsen This quote from Lorenz Ferdinand also describes quite precisely Johannes Larsen’s approach to birds, since he, more consistently than most, indeed demonstrated familiarity with, and knowledge of, the birds he depicted.

The exhibition takes Larsen’s spirit as its starting point, bringing Johannes Larsen’s artistic project up to date and putting it into perspective.

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Major Exhibition of Bird Art This year’s big summer exhibition will present, in addition to a lot of activities in both the museum and the gardens, a whole new approach to bird art, since it will include, among other artists, some very well known and original contemporary artists, who will be brought into the world of bird art, as it moves from the conventional to the boundary-testing.

The works in the exhibition have been chosen with an eye to representing as many of the varied “bird meetings” as possible.

It could be a fleeting meeting in the form of an observation of a bird in flight, or a close-up study of a dead bird by the side of the road, or the memory of the biology classroom’s glass-fronted cabinet with stuffed birds, or the colourful peacocks from the zoo, or the chickens in the garden and later in one’s belly.

Kerteminde Haven ved Havet Forestil dig en verden, hvor du og dine kære overalt bliver budt velkommen.