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In 2012, we built another reconstruction of Skuldelev 6 - a fishing and cargo vessel from the Viking Age, dating to ca. A previous reconstruction of the Skuldelev 6 (Kraka Fyr) can also be seen in the Museum harbour.

The new boat was built based on a new interpretation of the original ship find and therefore has a slightly different stem to that on Kraka Fyr.

This dinghy was surveyed and we are building one identical to it. The ships from the Viking era were not just large, clinker-built vessels with beautifully carved bows.

Dating Frederikssund

The boat is now used by the Viking Ship Museum for exhibitions and events both at home and abroad, and was therefore built as authentically as possible with radially cleaved planks, hand-forged clinker nails, woolen sail, linden bast rig and so on.

The finished replica was launched in Tønsberg in 2012. The eel drifter is a classic Danish, clinker-built boat, built to drift sideways with an extended seine net to fish for eels. Through a sale to a private client, we have had the opportunity to build another Frederikssund dinghy.

This is the third of this type of boat from our boatyard, all built on the basis of the same type of boat, which was built in Frederikssund in 1906. The small boat from Gokstad is one of the finest small boats that has ever been found from the Viking Age.

During 2015, the Viking Ship Museums boatbuilders built a reconstruction of the Gislinge Boat.

A number of questions arose during this process: could the height of the freeboard be increased?