Dating hildesheim

Some Germanic tribes called Týr Ziur, and Zierenberg simply meant Týr's Hill.

In the 9th century, Gunthar, the first bishop of Hildesheim (815-835), founded a chapel on a hill called Zierenberg west of Hildesheim.

Before Christianization, pagans had worshipped the Germanic god Týr at a sacred well at the same place.

In the east, Moritzberg was protected by the Kupferstrang, a small tributary of the Innerste.

One of Gunthar's successors, Bishop Godehard of Hildesheim (1022–38), founded a monastery beside the chapel on the Zierenberg about 1025 and had a church built there which was dedicated to Saint Maurice and consecrated in 1028.

Maurice means Mauritius or Moritz in German, and so the name of the hill was changed to Moritzberg ("Maurice Hill").