Dating preetz

other updts coming soon Har cheez ki pehli baar hoti hai. Includes Rajvi, but mainly Ish Yant & Kavin centric.

A dilogical story revolving around Dushyant/new CID cops.

may have 2 or 3 chaps.however i have updated only one till now. one always needs a companion, a 'humsafar' to hold one's hand and make life easier.

Are they just too different to be more than enimies, or will two worlds be able to collide?

A story based on Ishita-Dushyant(Ish Yant) and Vineet-Ruhana[(OC) Ru Vi] Do read and review ! [(ONE-SHOT)COMPLETED]What happens when there's no control on your life decisions ? giving it an another's not just to break relations for stupid and silly reasons…

Warning : Rajvi based read at ur own risk :) : Dthis is a special dedication to preetz as she is the one who inspired me to write a fanfic on ishyant. have fun and find out if dushyant can confess his feelings for ishita and propose fun! but we must hold on for some time and thing over it again…