Dating sider anmeldelse Aalborgvoksen dating København dating sider for homoseksuelle Rødovre

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Lufthavnsboulevarden 6 2770 Kastrup If you’ve both cleared security, grab coffees, orange juice (anyone who doesn’t drink orange juice in airports is a monster) and pastries at a Lagkagehuset, sit by the window and watch the boarding planes while discussing your next trip (together maybe? Busy people doing busy-people-things isn’t the most romantic setting, but it’s real life! Bomuldsgade 4 2500 København For an easy Saturday or Sunday morning, combine your errands and your date; pop round to various stores, then set your bags down at one of the eateries in the building.

It might sound boring but I contend that one of the best, most low-pressure ways to get to know someone is to spend time like this – grocery shopping or running errands.

Can’t you just imagine all the groomed men & women in their button-downs and shiny shoes? If that’s what you’re into – even if you don’t go to CBS – make sure you’ve got your personal elevator pitch polished and ready to go.

If you’re on the dating scene in Scandinavia and have a smartphone, you’ve probably heard of happn. Don’t you want to know what makes this one so good? What sets happn apart is that it uses geolocation technology to match you with people with whom you cross paths.

If you haven’t, here’s a quick breakdown: happn is a free dating app, much like others available on the market, in which you match with potential dates based on a short profile and series of pictures. The more you and that person are physically in the same place, the higher the match.