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The city was founded as Augusta Treverorum (City of Augustus in the land of the Treveri) under Emperor Augustus in approx. Celtic and Roman cultures melded over the course of time.

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The city emblem, the Porta Nigra, was the north gate of the fortified Roman city wall.

Some 80,000 people supposedly lived there at the end of the fourth century. It was not until the twentieth century that the population reached the level it had been at during the fourth century, after having shrunk to roughly 5,000 around 1700.

With the relocation of the seat of government to Milan and the withdrawal of the troops from the Rhine frontier around A. Seven Roman monuments in and around Trier dating from the second to the fourth century count among the World Heritage Sites.

In 1984, Trier celebrated the 2,000th anniversary of the city’s founding.

Even today, the massive ancient ruins lend the cityscape a special character.


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