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Are my divorce papers now considered to be my legal seperation papers?

Dating while separated in sc-11

- I would like to know if living at the same address but in a different room would qualify as separate and apart. I have broken off the engagement with my fiancee after realizing I did not want to spend the rest of my life with her.

I gave her an expensive engagement ring which I paid for but she refuses to return. I filed for an uncontested divorce in June 2008, it was denied because we haven't been legally seperated for one year.

I have been a full time student for the past two years and my spouse has been solely responsible for household expenses.

He did not get legal representation as he was told this was an informal event. What if he does not want to sign a deceptive agreement which changed? I want to separate with my spouse and set up the grounds to divorce in one year by doing so.

I understand that to divorce, a separation agreement may be used (that is notarized by both parties) to facilitate divorce one year after living SEPARATE AND APART.