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Eli wrote an “open letter” on My Space to Ben’s mother, a woman named Meredith Bluett-Mills. Here’s the epic letter, in all of its glory: A letter to Meredith Bluett-Mills, mother of “thatcoolguyben.” April 2nd, 2010 To: Meredith Bluett-Mills From: Eli Roth Re: Your son Ben Dear Meredith, You don’t know me, but my name is Eli Roth, and I am the boyfriend of a young woman named Peaches Geldof.

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Apart from the trendy venue it will be a traditional Jewish ceremony in keeping with Eli's family faith.

They are trying to keep it secret - I don't know if Peaches' dad knows yet." Boomtown Rats star Bob Geldof is reportedly a fan of his daughter's new beau - Peaches told fans on Twitter in May: "I think my dad likes talking to my boyfriend more than he likes talking to me. " This will be the 21-year-old's second wedding - her seven-month marriage to U.

I hope everyone remembers the now in-famous story about Peaches Geldof, a dude named Ben, heroin, vomit, Scientology, lemons, sex, photos and erection pills.

A few weeks ago a dude named Ben wrote – on the site Reddit – about his craziest one night stand with one Peaches Geldof.

The story fascinated gossip watchers, Geldof haters, Eli Roth apologists (Roth is currently dating Peaches) and Xenu-disciples on both sides of the Atlantic.