En date dk Faaborg-Midtfyn

In my work I have been able to contribute new perspectives and analytical methods, for the benefit of our projects.

Through this network, Arkitektskap has set up cooperation with several of the other participants and the companies that employ them – cooperation which includes several of the other NORDMAK II participants, with whom we have been meeting after the programme finished.

I am very happy to have participated in NORDMAK and warmly recommend the programme.” Trine Neble, architect, Erik Møller, Denmark “Most importantly, the programme really challenged my professional skills.

Currently NORDMAK is taking place for the third time.

Below you will find quotes from NORDMAK graduates as well as current students, explaining why they applied for NORDMAK and in what way they have benefitted from the programme.

NORDMAK has given me a variety of tools I can work with, I have improved my skills for communicating and arguing my perception of buildings and of the interventions that are, in my opinion, necessary for a building to develop and thus survive.