Hamm single drum soil compactor

Working at the Ovejería dam wall, two single-drum compactors 3412 HT from Hamm were compacting some 7,400 m³ of sand per day.

Six roller passes uphill were followed by final compaction at the foot of the ramp parallel to the dam wall.

Chile is by far the most important copper-producing country in the world.

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Sand extracted from the slag was used as the main construction material.

The contractor’s engineers were looking for a compactor which would not only be capable of fully compacting the non-cohesive sand but would also offer full traction at an incline of 30°. Because after completion of the dam wall, a ramp was to reach down from the crown by as many as 130 m into the adjoining valley, resulting in an incline of between 22° and 30°.

Travel speed: 0 – 12,5 km/h Габаритные размеры / Dimensions: Транспортировочная длина / Transport length: 4.680 mm Транспортировочная ширина / Transport width: 1.790 mm Транспортировочная высота / Transport height: 2.795 mm Собственный вес в полном снаряжении / Operating weight: 6.840 kg Технические данные / Technical specification: Ширина вальца / Drum width: 1.680 mm Диаметр вибровальца / Drum diameter: 1.216 mm Толщина обечайки вальца / Thickness of drum: 25 mm Угол поперечной устойчивости / Gradeability: 57/62% Номинальная амплитуда / Nominal amplitude, high/low: 1,7/0,6 mm Вибрационная частота / Vibration frequency: 30/42 Hz Центрифугальное давление / Centrifugal force: 125/95 k N Статическое линейное давление / Static linear load: 23,3 kg/cm Комплектация / Options: Комфортабельная кабина c кондиционером и отоплением, Radio CD player; аккустическое предупреждение заднего хода; габаритное освещение; автоматическая центральная система смазки; ROPS/FOPS-cabin with air-conditioning + heater; radio CD player; Double-sided access, Spring-mounted driver's seat; Heating with dust-free ventilation; Back-up alarm; Excellent engine power with traction control; Hammtronic -automatic traction and slip control; Tiltable GRP bonnet; Modern information and indicator display; Swivelling steering and instrument console; Continuously variable hydrostatic all-wheel drive; Drum lighting; Tachograph, HCQ-GPS compaction documentation system; HCQ compaction meter; CE conformity. Цена / Price: договорная / to be agreed– EURO EXW Germany.

The contractor’s project manager was delighted with the compaction quality, “Thanks to the Hamm technology, we were able to achieve optimum and – more importantly – uniform density even in the steepest places.

Каток грунтовый вибрационный Hamm 3307HT Single Drum Soil Compactor Hamm 3307HT Год выпуска / Year of manufacture: 2012 Отработано моточасов / Operating hours: 445 h.


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