Internet dating Halle

Dating online has never been an organic way to meet someone, but it’s even more apparent now than ever before. Even when you do put some creativity into the conversations, those messages mostly get ignored. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a seemingly innocent conversation with a guy and he suddenly starts talking about my boobs or makes completely uncalled for sexual comments — or even worse, he sends an unsolicited dick pic.

Nothing has been promising so far, but the number of opportunities in real life are just the same as anything I experienced online. It’s actually pretty lazy to think that you can find your Prince Charming while sitting on your couch in tattered PJs with chip crumbs in your lap.

It gives me hope for meeting the right person for me organically. Maybe this works for some people — and more power to them if it does — but I feel like what I want is worth the extra effort, even if it means waiting a bit longer. Like I said, when I was constantly searching for love online, I would be out and about constantly distracted by my phone and all the dating apps I had. ” and “You’ve got a new message” was always captivating my attention.

Andrea Wesley Andrea is a 31 year old freelance writer living in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada.

Now that I’ve set myself free from the chaos, I’m actually fully aware of what’s happening around me all the time, and you’d be surprised how many opportunities for connection are right under your nose everyday.

I’m sick of competing for affections in a shallow online world.