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[more]Topographic name from Old English land, Middle High German lant, "land, territory".This had more specialized senses in the Middle Ages, being used to denote the countryside as opposed to a town or an estate.

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Northern English: probably a habitational name from a minor place in Soulby, Cumbria, called Longthorn, from Old English lang ‘long’ + horn ‘projecting headland’, or a topographic name with the same meaning....

Currently, a common name in Wallonia, Belgium with some descendants in USA.

Believed to be derived from three terms..."lamb" "ill" "otte".

From laakso ‘valley’, generally an ornamental name adopted during the name conversion movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Often, it was adopted by Finnish bearers of Swedish names containing the Swedish element dal ‘valley’.


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