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They were successful on the London club scene, playing venues such as the Marquee and other top music spots.

The band's membership also grew to include guitarist, flautist, and saxman Mike Vickers.

He felt that his musical growth would be stymied by further work in South Africa, however, and decided to move to England in 1961, making his living as a jazz pianist and teacher, and writing articles under the name Manfred Manne, the surname derived from drummer Shelly Manne -- he later dropped the "e" and used "Manfred Mann" as his performing name.

Mann's preference for jazz quickly ran headlong into the growing public taste for rhythm and blues that began sweeping through younger audiences in England during the early '60s.

They charted an impressive number of singles from 1964 through 1969, and developed a large, loyal international fandom that lingers to this day.