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These limits are per individual; you don’t have to consider whether you’re married or single.

If you want to contribute to both a Roth and a traditional 401(k), the maximum amount is still ,000 per year.

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See However, the Roth 401(k) has no income limit; your income isn't even considered.

Between the two, you can invest up to $24,500 ($18,000 in the 401(k), $5,500 in the IRA) – or even more, if you've hit the age-50 threshold by year's end.

With Roth IRAs, there are limits to what you can contribute (or even whether you can participate in one at all), based on your income.

You know, of course, what a 401(k) is and what an IRA is.

But ever since the Roth versions of these tax-advantaged vehicles came on the scene (doubling the options), allocating retirement-planning dollars has gotten more complicated. The good news is that, unlike the Roth IRA, the Roth 401(k) functions nearly identically to the traditional 401(k) as far as contributions go.