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Outcomes: The workshop raised the awareness of the children for needs of different users as well as the issue of vacant land in inner cities. Participants: 15 children between 2-12 years old Theme, Goals/Aims, Methodology: The aim of the workshop was to work on different design topics that reflect in the city’s environment.

Workshop within the event series and exhibition “DESIGNCITY” Date: September 2006 Place: raum Gelsenkirchen, Germany Time length: 1 Day Partnerships: JAS – Jugend Architektur Stadt e. in co-operation with Europäisches Haus der Stadtkultur e. The children were invited to explore different topics where design meets the city.

Outcomes: The workshop supported the children’s awareness of light, space and their interdependence, as well as their ability to create different atmospheres by the means of light, space and colour.

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In small groups, these sceneries where translated into several light-installations (using overhead- and slide-projectors).

The installations were finally presented to the parents in a story-telling performance.

The children discussed and explored the potentials and constrains of an underutilized area.

Interviews were held with neighbors as well as picture collages for animals were produced to illustrate different needs that could be considered when producing ideas for new land uses. The results of the project were presented to the parents by a public presentation and covered in the local newspaper.

They could chose between following working groups: (1) systems of orientation in the city, (2) urban furniture, (3) interventions in the cityscape, (4) temporary architecture and (5) atmospheres in the city.