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In order to participate in Edinburgh, new drummers had to be recruited and trained to enlarge the group so that they could develop a marching show for the first time.

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With twenty-plus years of passion, imagination and dedication, these top Basel drummers have proven themselves to be a sustainable world-class act.

If you go for these or similar purposes, the location is excellent. When I arrived I was very cold due to the bad weather and fortunately it was easy and quick to increase the temperature in the room. They made me aware of the Oberhausen Centro shopping centre and I managed to get a replacement mobile phone handset from there (mine was water damaged during the journey there).

This 4-star superior hotel is located in Am Kaisergarten commercial park, near Oberhausen Palace.

This unique idea and the passion of the seven drummers quickly lead to national and international success.

Top Secret received an invitation to perform in the 2003 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland.


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