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You felt immediate and personal bonds with the performers.They pointed out the irony, the humor, the tragedy and the beauty of life.Even as time has allowed Pina Bausch’s passing to sink in, her untimely death on June 30 still seems shockingly unreal.

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The work would lead you to a reaction and in the next moment shame you for having it.

It was interactive theater and one became a friend and player in the piece.

Also, a friend of mine had danced with them, so I was very interested in seeing them and made the trip from Paris where I was teaching. I felt like I had always known him although I had only been introduced to him once in the early ’80s in Wuppertal.

But that was the effect that Tanztheater had on you.

To pay homage to Bausch and her incredible vision, Janet Panetta, the company’s ballet master, responded to questions, via e-mail, from Italy.