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Building on the principles described by Ricardo Lohmann, I've created a j Query plugin, which (in my opinion) allows Highcharts to work more seamlessly with j Query (i.e.

the way that j Query works with other HTML objects). */ series: [] } }; var methods = { init: function (chart Name, options) { return this.each(function(i) { opts This = options[i]; chart Type[chart Name].chart.render To = this; opts Highchart = $.extend (true, {}, chart Type[chart Name], opts This); new Highcharts.

for exactly the purpose described, but I (with sad regularity) make mistakes that subtly overwrite the defaults, so my preference is to rely on the library (with many eyeballs and in this case $'s) to get it right.

Default graphic: var default Chart = { chart Content: null, highchart: null, defaults: { chart: { align Ticks: false, border Color: '#656565', border Width: 1, zoom Type: 'x', height: 400, width: 800 }, series: [] }, // here you'll merge the defauls with the object options init: function(options) { this.highchart= j Query.extend({}, this.defaults, options); this.highchart.chart.render To = this.chart Content; }, create: function() { new Highcharts.

Chart(this.highchart); } }; var column Chart = { chart Content: '#your Chart Content', options: { // your chart options } }; column Chart = j Query.extend(true, {}, default Chart, column Chart); // now column Chart has all default Chart functions // now you'll init the object with your chart options column Chart.init(column Chart.options); // when you want to create the chart you just call column Chart.create(); // `options` will be used by all charts Options(options); // only data options var chart1 = Highcharts.

I know this has already been answered, but I feel that it can be taken yet further.

I'm still newish to Java Script and j Query, so if anyone finds anything wrong, or thinks that this approach breaks guidelines or rules-of-thumb of some kind, I'd be grateful for feedback.

I've never liked the fact that you have to supply an object ID to Highcharts before it draws the chart. */ series: [] }, my Column : { chart: { type: 'column' }, title: { text: 'Example Column Chart' }, x Axis: { /* x Axis settings... Chart (opts Highchart); }); } }; $cbh Chart = function (action,obj Settings) { if ( chart Type[action] ) { return apply( this, arguments ); } else if ( methods[action] ) { return methods[method].apply(this,,1)); } else if ( typeof action === 'object' || !