Single horn in bb

The French Horn The French Horn is a member of the Brass Family usually found in Orchestras and Wind / Military Bands.

It has a wonderfully full and rich sound and is used to great emotional effect making it a popular choice for composers of film scores.

Single horn in bb-12

There are different schools of thought about which instrument beginners should start on, some teachers prefer F and some Bb although we are definitely selling more Bb than F in the UK education market at present.

The other big difference between the two is their natural harmonics (how many / which notes can be played in open position), with more notes able to be produced on the F horn than the Bb when none of the rotor valves are engaged.

They are available in two different forms relating to their natural pitches of F & Bb.

The different pitch is down to the fundamental length of the instrument, the F horn (12 feet) is longer, meaning the Bb (8 feet) sounds higher in pitch.

It is more difficult to produce / centre individual notes on the F horn as the potential options are closer together, particularly in the upper register, although the sound quality is considered to be more natural.