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Granted, the favorite attorney of the pay-to-play crowd (e.g. His ability to outright deny the allegations of wrongdoing by his clients is becoming more and difficult: "It had everything to do with the fact that he didn't want to work," Bregman said.

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A magical place where elected officials can shakedown businesses and individuals with impunity.

“Ma’am, I not only have a duty to protect you, this office and the people of New Mexico, I also have my law license to protect,” Salazar wrote in a Feb. “By law, this office is charged with responsibility for enforcing the Governmental Conduct Act.

If we are asking our current contractors for this, then it is illegal.”What blows my mind is that you would think Secretary of State Mary Herrera would be particularly diligent in following the letter of the law considering her immediate predecessor is under indictment for her activities while heading up that office.

With every passing week, it becomes ever clearer that Governor Richardson, and everyone in his administration, will find themselves tainted come Election Day by the pay-to-play political scandals of the last eight years: Douglas Goldberg, a former vice president of CDR Financial Products, admitted in federal court in Manhattan on Monday that he was involved nationally in bid rigging of investment agreements and other contracts involving municipal bonds from 1998 to at least November 2006. It later received a no-bid, sole-source deal to manage the escrow account for the bond proceeds from the authority, which was charged with handling the GRIP financing for the Rail Runner and other New Mexico transportation projects.

The voting public is not going to be able to drive a road or see the Rail Runner without being reminded that someone bought the opportunity to win those projects from this administration.