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Together with the board of management of Saarschmiede and of the parent company, Saarstahl AG, the prime minister pressed the start button in the presence of around 1,500 guests. Klaus Harste, CEO of Saarstahl AG, praised the new plant: "This is a great day for Saarstahl.

We are writing a new chapter in the history of our company.

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Some 450 million Euros have been invested in the industrial plant. According to the Saar State Bank, one of the co-financers of the project, this is one of the biggest investments in the Saarland in recent decades.

The open-die forging press has a press force of 12,000 t and can forge workpieces at up to 1,280 °C.

Two DDS manipulators with a carry force of 100 and 200 t move the forgings synchronously.

All our rooms provide conveniences such as air conditioning, a mini-bar, telephone, cable television, shower, hair dryer, and in some cases a patio.

The forged products are primarily large shafts for driving turbines and generators in nuclear, coal-fired and gas-fired power stations.