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- THERE WILL BE BLOOD tells the story of Daniel Plainview, an oilman seeking his fortune in California in the late 1800s/early 1900s.As Plainview’s wealth grows, so do his ambition and greed, his contempt for his competitors, and his hatred for Eli Sunday, the small-town preacher whose own hunger for power in many ways mirrors that of Daniel Plainview.A sibling of two-stranger love stories like LAST NIGHT, LOST IN TRANSLATION and QUIET CITY, this film manages to tug at the heartstrings without taking any of the obvious shortcuts we're used to in conventional romances.

On one level it is a film about a man corrupted by greed, on another a commentary on American values with respect to family, religion, and capitalism.

As it examines the conflicting loyalties of the characters and their beliefs, it chronicles Wiesler’s change of heart as he becomes more and more drawn in to the lives of the couple he is assigned to observe. Set and shot on location in West Texas it lovingly tells the story of what happens to some small town folk who find themselves in one heck of a mess.

The main characters are a regular guy, a sheriff, and psychopath with a very strange haircut. is a brilliant film in which four men – a bank robber, a terrorist, an ex-gay evangelist and a martial arts expert - tell their life stories in chapters arranged according to themes in the plays of Euripides.

The result is a film that flows magically yet seems less contrived than many other films in which serendipity plays an obvious role.

Few documentaries put me on the edge of my seat; PROTAGONIST is one of them.